Monday, 17 March 2014

How to be sure you're not a grownup yet.

1. One time, quite recently, you were late for a doctors appointment because you couldn't get your shoes on.

2. You buy a t-shirt with all the different breeds of cat on it and wear it on a night out in Uxbridge. You then spend the entire evening asking strangers: "which one is your favourite?"

3. You spend the week before payday eating handfuls of cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner because you've spent almost your entire pay cheque on t-shirts with cats on.

4. Sometimes people you know get married, people your age, and you get this chest-crushing fear that you can only alleviate with five consecutive episodes of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

5. Then, god forbid, they start having babies, and you have to delete them from Facebook.

6. Even though you've got a day of meetings at work ahead, you lie in bed in the morning trying to work out whether you can get away with not showering until that evening.

7. The One Direction movie was your favourite Christmas present.

8. Even though Dominoes is literally only a two minute walk from your friend's house, you pay the extra money to have it delivered. You can also recite their menu and list of deals on command.

9. You only fancy boys who make you feel like they don't like you. And they probably don't.

10. No matter how many bundles of hairbands you buy from Primark, you will never, ever be able to respond: "yes, certainly, do you have as preferred colour? Because I have plenty" to the question: "does anyone have a hairband?"


  1. Haha, I love this. That's an awesome tshirt and totally worth not growing up for.

  2. #10 - so, so true. Same goes for bobby pins. I buy 1,000, I end up with 3.