Monday, 28 February 2011


I open this with a warning. I'm in the mother of all bad moods. I'd say I'm fairly depressed. The following will be sorrowful and filled with self pity.

Today I was supposed to be back at Hodder. But because I'm a woman and an unfortunate one at that, God decided today was the day for YOU KNOW WHAT to start. Cue unbearable stomach pains and suicidal tendencies. I woke up this morning in so much pain I could barely move except for a constant writhing and moaning motion. Rendering a journey into London and a day working at a publishing house impossible. Instead, I called and apologised and once the copious pain killers had subsided the pain somewhat, I drifted back to sleep.

I woke up in pain once again and took more pills. Then I got up, consumed toast, 6 chocolate hobnobs and 2 cups of tea and got my laptop out to attempt to do a first draft of my coursework. (1st draft deadline = tomorrow). But being in pain, feeling generally ill, and like the end of the world was nigh, all comprehensible words seemed trapped inside my brain and unable to appear in front of me. So here I am. Still unable to write about Tess and Othello and The French Lieutenants Woman, and as every minute passes I feel ever more worried about my deadline, my stomach, whether or not it will still be causing me grief tomorrow, and my future. What I really want right now is a holiday with my boyfriend. Where we don't have to think about anything and can just watch good telly and eat good food and maybe swim in a transparent blue sea and read books on warm pale sand.

I'm trying to decide what to do with my life. Maybe not the best time, when I'm feeling like the only realistic option and the one that is probably best for everyone, is for me to turn the gas on and get in the oven. But I can't help but Google jobs and courses and apprenticeships slowly realising that my ideals are not going to be all that easy to come by.

In September I'd really like to move in with my boyfriend. He has to move out anyway and it would make sense (bar the fact that I have no clear job prospects). It's probably unrealistic and will only happen if it looks feasible money wise and Claire's-dream-job-wise. But that's what I want. And part of me would like to get a job in a bookshop in Brighton for a year and then do a course in Journalism or publishing. All the while living in a small but nicely furnished flat with boyfriend. AND THEN, after about a year, I want to start applying for jobs either in the journalism or publishing sector and GET ONE. One that pays fairly well pref.

That's the ideal. But maybe that's all it is. Probably that's all it is.

I hate being 18. I hate the fact that my life hasn't run the predictable course and I've have to do things differently.

Now I'm going to go back to staring at a blank document just waiting to be filled with my intelligent words. I have a feeling it may be sorely disappointed.

Friday, 25 February 2011

I bear news.

I wrote an article for It features in the 'A Thought a Week' blog section. Go take a look.

It's a Christian youth website run by Becca and Mark so what I've written about and what a lot of the posts will be about is Christianity and the big man upstairs. Doesn't mean it's not still bloody good writing. (Not mine, mine is very average). So head on over there y'all and let the Lord bless ya! (That should be said in a bad American accent pref. ...but you got that.)

Be quiet Claire.

Please do excuse Becca and Mark's Vlog, they're new to the internet and don't quite know the etiquette yet.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Getting to know me a little better. Could not BE more entralling.

K, so hello and that.

Yesterday one of my favourite bloggers over at posted 10 things we might-not-know-about-her and suggested we post 10 things she might-not-know-about-us. And who am I to deny her this privilege? Obviously I'm posting it here instead of the comments section of hers because I wouldn't want you to feel left out. So here goes. 


1. I just spent a good 10 minutes adjusting the size of the picture above. I still think it's too big. But then I cope with that every day, for you, my big face may be a novelty.

2. When I was in nursery I was obsessed with making robots out of cardboard boxes. Every week they would get a little bit bigger. And a little more awesome.

3. I went for my first early morning run this morning. My alarm went off at 7 and I let it play for 21 minutes. I think it might be a bit too relaxing. I then got up, put my leggings, hoodie and new trainers on and went outside into the cold. I lasted about 10 minutes before I got a terrible stomach ache and decided running most certainly wasn't for me. As mother bought me trainers specially though I feel I should probably try again tomorrow :(

4. I love to read. Like, love to read. I'm trying to set up a book club right now and it might leak into my blogging slightly. I'm thinking a weekly book post is in the pipe line. Don't say you're not excited.

5. I'm intolerant of people to an unfeasable degree. That's why I hate Facebook, it's just filled with people I would otherwise rather not associate myself with. (i.e. people that put kisses after their status' or WORST OF ALL join groups that aren't funny and the titles of which are grammatically incorrect - I'm getting sweaty palms just thinking about it).

6. I'm so broody at the moment it's getting to be concerning.

7. I'd rather have no nose than my nose.

8. After I did my ten minute 'run' today I ate 3 bowls of Cheerios.

9. I met my boyfriend at a Diana Vickers gig where he drunkenly told my best friend to 'fuck off'. The rest is history.

10. I know this is supposed to be things you might not know about me and the following is something that, if you know me/read my blog/ follow me on Twitter, you will most definitely already be well aware of, but I LOVE ELLIE GOULDING. I love her so much it's just not right. I'm seriously considering getting one of her lyrics tattooed just below my hip bone. I already know what lyric it's going to be. Mother will disown me but, I'm not gonna lie, it will be worth it.

So that's me. Well, there's quite a lot more than that but I said 10 things and I'm already getting a little bored of hearing the sound of my own voice (internally). Have a happy Wednesday.

Monday, 21 February 2011

And who is Ellie Lawson when she is at home?

Had to post this. Not only because it's fucking amazing but also because if you look at the comments it has recieved on Youtube you will be surprised and appalled at peoples sheer ability to be thick. According to the majority of people watching this video the blonde woman featured in it is Ellie Lawson (me neither), and not Ellie Goulding as the title of the video suggests.

I have 3 words, compacted down into 1 over-used abbreviation - WTF

Clearly this is Ellie Goulding. People are so silly. Apart from anything else she's got a very distinctive face and voice.


A little something to whet the appetite. Or not, you know, whatever.

I've done cooking!

Not sure that's a grammatically correct sentence but I'm sure the meaning is clear.

So yes, Friday night I cooked for me, mother and father. I made this. And it didn't quite go to plan. Although mother did note "it's much nicer than I thought it was going to be". On the recipe it says squash, so squash is what I used. However, on seeing my mum peering at the pictures and hearing the words "that looks like courgette" and on my own closer inspection and confirmation that "it does indeed look like courgette", I knew something wasn't quite right. But what was there to do? Potato and squash and cheese and herbs were baking in the oven and we were going to consume it whether we liked it or not. We ate it with a green salad and coleslaw and the flavours were indeed pleasant. However I thought it was too dry and the texture just wasn't quite right. Also, it was a bit 'potatoey'. Not sure I'll be repeating that one again. (Please note, the pictures below are not mine. Mine didn't look like that and I do not want to cause any confusion or infringement, whatever that means).

Then, on Saturday night I had some friends round and cooked up a mexican feast. I really like mexican food and after recieving a mexican cook book (this one) from one of the lovely ladies who works at Hodder I was keen to prove those naughty Top Gear boys wrong (if you don't watch/have a television, just get one).

I made a chilli con carne. By mistake. Well, I didn't mix beef, tomatoes, spices and kidney beans together and exclaim "how did that happen?!", but it was a mistake in that I really wanted to marinate beef strips but bought the wrong kind of beef. So had to whip up a chilli. I digress. I also made two vegetable dishes. One with roasted squash in a garlic and chilli oil with chorizo. And the other was mushrooms, garlic, shallotts and tarragon. I made falafels (FROM SCRATCH) (I realise these aren't mexican and are in fact Israeli, but I just really bloody like falafels). And I made a salad. We had it with fajita's, guacamole, salsa, sour cream and cheese. Are you impressed? 'Cos you should be.

The girls seemed to enjoy it and that's the main thing (aww). 

(Did mean to take pictures before we ate all the food but that just didn't happen. Apologies)

This week I hope to make something of a chocolatey nature.

Stay tuned.

And if you're nice. I might even send you some. But probably won't.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

My dear friend Roz

My friend Rosie is in South Africa at the moment doing worthwhile things. She's been my bestest friend since we were what... 3? So she's quite a special little lady. Last night I sent her a fairly odd message on Facebook 'cos it was late and I was hyper. Thought I'd share.

That's us by the way (above), when we were smaller. I'm not older than her, I was just a bit of a heffer.

hello roz!

i'd like an update on your life please

i'd also like you to tweet a little more. read my blog on it, i think it's quite inspirational.

anyway, i'll just fill you in on me. today i watched inception and i have no idea what happened. however i did spend quite a lot of it on twitter so that could have something to do with it. i didn't do any work. but i did write a blog. so not a wasted day i think you'll agree.

i'm feeling quite worried about 'THE FUTURE'. not in a space age type way. in a what-the-heck-am-i-going-to-do-with-my-life type way. cos i don't have many prospects really do i? sept my personality. but that can only get you so far roz, that can only get you so far.

work exp. went well. i'm sure you read my blog (naturally). they offered me another placement don't you know? and i'm going back not next week but the week after. i hope and pray they will love and adore me and offer me a job on the spot. that could happen right?

it's late and i'm in a weird mood. that's why this message is a bit weird.

reply please and tell me all about your adventures! are you completely black? i think we should make it a regular thing to update each other on our lives, no matter where we are in the world. at least once a month we have to write to each other. (i quite like the idea of sending a letter but facebook will do for now).

how does that sound?

cos i like writing, i'm better at it than talking.

anyway, i'm gonna go now and finish my book. i highly recommend it, it's called One Day and i think you'd like it.

love you masses and masses. i'm having the girls over tomorrow night so if you were by any chance free it would be fab to skype you! but if not no worries and i look forward to your reply

clairence x 

I'm still awaiting a reply. RUDE.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Twitter - a love affair

The ULTIMATE of social networking.

I'm just going to say it, right on the outset, Twitter made my life better. After reading that, most people will write me off, they'll be picturing me as a looks-like-she's-late-forties-but-is-actually-early-thirties woman with hair on her upper lip and the breath of a dog. They'll probably imagine me to be living in my childhood bedroom in my parents house, surrounded by cuddly toys and whispering to my favourite bear, Simon.

In reality - as much as I am in fact sitting in my childhood bedroom, I like to think it acceptable, being only 18 and all - I would like to think my upper lip is free from any unwanted furriness and I brush my teeth regularly. I even get out sometimes and see real people. Make no mistake, I am a bit of hermit and like to sit in front of the tv with a packet of biscuits and my phone, making witty, derrogatory comments about those on the box with my fellow Tweeters. But I'm also a very sociable person and would not cope were my only relationships by way of a computer screen. I'm under no illusion that I spend a disproportionate amount of time on my laptop or my BlackBerry reading 140 character anecdotes from strangers exclaiming to whoever is nearest to me "oh, that is SO @TheFagCasanova" (just while we're on him... how fascinating is it that a normal guy with only a blog and an excellent sense of humour could gain such recognition all over the internet, mental). Over the past 2 years of being an avid Twitter user I have developed and honed how I use it. Something I think you need to do before you can really learn to love it. I follow 131 people and the majority of these people I don't know in real life. In fact, I'm not particularly interested in following those I do know, the majority of them just aren't that entertaining (no offence, some of you are, but that's why I despise Facebook - so many status' I could not give less of a shit about). I'm not that interested in following celebrities either, most are boring and use irritating amounts of 'text speak' which in my opinion make them less than human. Obviously there are some that are good. Ellie Goulding for one (did you see that one coming?), Fearne Cotton, Alan Carr, Miranda Hart and Sarah Millican. But my favourites, the ones I actively seek out, are funny, normal people who Tweet interesting amusing and sometimes controversial insights into life. Recently I came across a new user, a taxi driver, witty and entertaining and I sort of fell in love. That's what I love, appreciating people that wouldn't otherwise be appreciated, because they're just bloody funny. I also love when people appreciate me (duh). I like it when I get new followers, people that comment on things I say or tell me that they like my writing. Yeah, if I'm honest, I like a good self esteem massage.

And this brings me on to my final point. I like building friendships. I know that sounds odd because most of these people I have never met and probably never will (some I would genuinely like to). But I value those people that I have gotten to know through Twitter just because we enjoy each others little 140 character snippets. I've found people with a scarily similar sense of humour to me that probably are more my-type-of-people than the majority of people I would call my real-life-friends. I think that's interesting, that through social networking we can filter through hundreds of people, having the scope to be as picky as we please, before coming across those few people that genuinely make us laugh. I don't know whether that's entirely a good thing. Maybe we shouldn't be able to be so dismissive of people that are not-quite-up-to-standard (ooh, harsh Claire), but I for one have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know people that I'm talking to because I want to, and not just because they are the only other person without a friend at the back of the classroom. One day, if I build up enough of a following (like a ROCKSTAR), I would like to have a big Twitter party where we all get to know each other in an environment where we can enchange friendly, slightly suggestive, light punches on the arm as if to say 'oh you!'. One day. But for now, come find me, I'm @clairemaxwell and I'm bloody good.

p.s. If you're one of those people with a picture of an animal as your avatar (shielding your true identity), who uses too many exclamation marks, or are just intrinsically creepy, maybe don't come find me. Not that interested to be honest.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Cooking up a storm

A while ago I blogged about my weird relationship with food i.e. I'm just not quite sure about the little blighter. It's like that really fit boy you fancy but deep down know he's just going to screw your nan. Don't argue with the analogy, it works.

I really like food because it tastes so delicious. There's not much I don't like. (Things I don't like include: chicken, fish and salad cream). I like healthy food, and I like unhealthy food (bar McDonalads/Burger King/KFC/other such rat and greasy teenager infested places). I'm just not very good at coping with how it makes me feel afterwards, or how it makes me look. I worry about putting on weight, but I feel like life just isn't worth living when I don't have a packet of hobnobs in front of me. Quite a lose lose situation.

So I've come up with a little plan. I used to love cooking, and I was pretty damn good at it too. I once made the best brownies ever to be eaten ever. Just ask @markcorden. But then when I got a bit more mental I completely stopped. Just being in the kitchen would stress me out and I couldn't watch someone else cook without screaming at them "WASH YOUR HANDS YOU DIRTY BUGGER". Just ask @kase85. So I'm going to start again. I read food blogs avidly and am constantly making notes of recipes I want to try out. (Try, and for some food porn). I think it will make me enjoy my food more, and if not, at least everyone will like me for feeding them tasty treats.

I'll blog about it too. Naturally.

Here's some things I wish to try out. Try not to salivate too much, it's not good for the keyboard.

 Pictures and recipes are from links mentioned above and also and

Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentines.

It's the 14th February, Valentines Day, otherwise known as the day with the most documented bouts of unexplained vomiting.

I wrote an article about Valentines Day last year which you can read here. This time last year I was single. I can't exactly remember what I did on the day in question but I imagine it was something mundane and usual with lots of chocolate and tea consumed. And although this year I am no longer single *cries*, that's just how I'd like to spend it again. I'm with the OH. Which is nice, but I haven't got him anything (please don't feel sorry for him, in fact read this and you'll feel sorry for me). I did have a vague browse of the cards in Sainsbury's earlier today but immediately felt a little nauseous and scarpered. Obviously I wouldn't say no to chocolate, but then I'd never say no to chocolate. And I really think boyfriend should be buying me chocolate daily anyway, being one of the main compulsory food groups in ones diet. It's for the good of my health. Both my ex's have bought me teddy bears for either Valentines or birthday (either is UNACCEPTABLE), and even with a massive amount of getting-off-with-other-girls-and-sometimes-even-making-them-my-other-girlfriend presented to me by the second, the teddy bears are probably my biggest regret about the relationships.

Luckily, current boyfriend's idea of a nice present is a trip to the Darts. So we shouldn't have any trouble there.

Today has been monumentally shit so far. Had a massive argument with Gareth this morning. And while we're on the subject, I would quite like to take this opportunity to say publicly that I am a nightmare girlfriend and he is generally patient beyond words and I'm extremely lucky and thankful. However, arguments are never nice and my OCD is always going to be a bit of an issue even with a patient OH. So that didn't set off Valentine's day particularly swimmingly. Then I went to Sainsbury's to buy some food for dinner (and hobnobs) and left my card in the machine at the self service check out. When I realised the pit of my stomach almost fell out. Luckily it didn't though because I was in the Co op and that would have been messy. Also luckily when I rang they told me someone had handed it in. Phew!

Next up was noticing that the diamond star on my ring my parents had given me for my 18th birthday was gone. It had fallen off somewhere. Probably in bloody Sainsburys, bain of my life. I love my ring and it's very special to me so I'm upset. We have insurance though so we're hoping to be able to get a jeweler to do something snazzy and similar with it.

I hope the rest of the day is a little more enjoyable.

If you've learnt anything from me, like, ever, I hope it is that Valentines day is a bit shit really.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

This looks long but read it anyway OK?

It's Sunday morning (for another 25 minutes) and I still haven't had nearly as much sleep as I was hoping. I'm in Brighton staying with the boy till Wednesday. I've got to be honest, I'm very much looking forward to when he goes off to work and I am able to fall into another deep state of unconsciousness as soon as the closing of the door sounds behind him. Where I will stay until minutes before he returns home again. For now though, I'll let you know how last week went.

As I've already said, it was hard work, not just because it involved early mornings and considerably less television/Twitter than I would otherwise partake in. My OCD and consistent anxiety meant large amounts of brain exhaustion. But, to be honest, that's OK. Partly because of this the week was a bigger learning curve than I could have otherwise expected. And what I've taken out of it wasn't anything to do with my 'issues', it was a sense of inspiration and motivation for the future. A fresh burst of passion if you will.

I've always loved books. It is never a rare day to find my nose in one. (Not just my nose, my nose attached to the rest of me, or that could be really quite unfortunate for someone to find in the library). So Hodder and Stoughton, one of the countries leading publishing houses, was the perfect environment for me to learn more and discover whether my suspicions were correct, and I would indeed enjoy the idea of a future at a publishing house. I was working in the publicity department for the week. Just from listening to the people around mes conversations and asking questions I got a huge insight into what goes into publicising a book/author. They were all lovely people and seemed happy to give me things to do and tell me all about the latest releases and books tours set to happen in the near future. I had a really good time there and I would like to thank them all immeasurably! And it didn't hurt being given masses of books that I am currently contentedly working my way through.  Mother is very jealous.

I heard quite a lot about the editorial side of publishing throughout the week as editorial is probably the most involved department in the buying/creating of the book. The more I heard about it, the more I knew it appealed to me and the more I wanted to find out about it. On my last day I was very lucky to be given the opportunity to chat with 3 different editors and I grilled them for all they were worth. I was honestly riveted. Finding that gem of a book in a mass of, hmmm, not so gem-like manuscripts sounds like the biggest thrill in the world. And then if you get it, if the agent and author accept you and you get to publish that book that you've fallen in love with, well, I can't think of anything more exciting. The last editor I spoke to, who deals with all the cross-over fiction offered me another week to come back and work alongside her. I'm really looking forward to learning more about the company and what goes into the making of a novel.

Am I boring you yet? Sorry. I'm only funny when I couldn't give a shit. Which is the majority of the time. But this I could give a shit about. Bare with me.

Also on my last day I had my first ever Twitter meet up. Very exciting. A girl called Cathy (@substuff to me and you though) had coffee with me and we chatted about journalism and other such things. She's a sub editor for Which? magazine, The Times and The Guardian and I'm in awe of how hard she works. She was also very lovely and I enjoyed meeting her immensely. I hope to again.

Throughout the week so many things happened that I found amusing (I like to think one of my very greatest (only) talents is to find the funny in everything), and I would think to myself "Ha! Excellent, I can blog about that". However, one of my other talents (not really though) is forgetting things. So I must confess that I can no longer relive any of these moments for you. They happened though, and I enjoyed them, and that's all you need to know really. Oh actually, one thing I do remember is that whenever I went into the filing room/store cupboard/place where the big bin is, I pushed the door slowly but assuredly, often coughing/singing as I went, just so that anyone making out with a colleague would hear me coming and cease immediately. 'Cos that doesn't just happen in the films does it? Unfortunately though there was never any canoodling going on and I was always a mixture of relieved and disappointed in equal measure.

I think that's enough of an essay for you to read for now. Tomorrow is Valentine's day so naturally I will be imparting my views on the ludicracy of such a day. See you then.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

I'm a little bit dawn of the living dead


Thought I'd check in. I haven't been blogging much this week as I've been working at Hodder and Stoughton all day and sleeping all night. But it's wednesday night, I'm over half way through my weeks work at the publishers and I'm catching up on Neighbours. (I do hope Summer and Andrew make it out ok, even though I dislike them immeasurably, I mean Summer's fringe alone loses her any scrap of credibility she might have otherwise held. Just grow it out a bit babe).

I'm so tired. Not quite as utterly mentally and physically exhausted as I was on Monday night. But tired none the less. It would be impossible for you to comprehend how much energy it takes to drag yourself through something that causes unfeasible amounts of anxiety over and again if you have never experienced this before. But it's quite something. Most things I do that I find difficult are over after a day at most. And then I get to go home, eat lots of nice food in my bed and not worry about everything around me being contaminated anymore. But this time... it's a week long fest. Oh and I have to get up at 7am (a time of day I'm not sure I've ever witnessed) and get home at 7pm. Can you blame me for passing out on the train home? Feel free to weep for me now.

I'm alright though, what a moaner.

Hodder and Stoughon is really good. The office building is all high tech and the lifts and toilets are lovely and clean. I have a pass that I have to swipe to get through any doors. It's stupid exciting. The people I'm working with are lovely and they've given me so many books that I can't wait to read. I'm a very lucky girl. Once the week is over I'll write a full post on what I've been up to. I've got lots of anecdotes in the old noggin' already. Stay tuned.

For now though, I think it's time for some quality time with Jack Bauer. I need to re-energise myself for day 4. I'll just leave you with this song, it's from the film Get Him to the Greek, which was a massive surprise love of mine. Laughed my (thermal) socks off the whole way through. However, not for the faint hearted or easily offended, no complaints please.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Leave her alone, she's just sexy and you're jealous

I watched Rihanna's new music video the other day. After hearing that is has been banned in 11 countries and made only available for over 18's on youtube I was expecting, at the very least, a little nudity and possibly a glimpse of anal rape. But no such luck. Rihanna is seen throughout the video wearing an assortment of latex outfits while taking part in every day activities such as walking Perez Hilton - equipped with necessary dog lead, deep throating a banana, and attached to a wall encased in a plastic cocoon. Pretty much a thursday night in Watford.

No, but seriously. It's not that bad. She's a sexy lady and is going to make men and women moist whatever she wears. But in the video she's covering all the necessary parts. Not gonna lie, I felt a little short changed. I don't understand what everyone is banging on about. I've seen racier music video's from the S Club Juniors (thinking about it, they were fairly slutty though. All the ones that didn't manage to get into The Saturdays now spend they days in a house together, with Anthony Costa and Claire from Steps just having the sex. But I digress...) What's wrong with Rihanna making her hair ever so slightly larger than the average persons and exerting her power over the opposite sex by way of whips? Incessant political correctness and down right grumpiness really gets my back up. Rihanna, as far as I'm concerned, is a stand up role model for girls, being someone comfortable enough to expose herself physically even with self esteem hang ups of her own. I wouldn't wear latex on television. For this alone, I take my imaginary hat off to her.

And, the thing with the banana, surely she's just promoting the consumption of your 5 a day. Look at how healthy and sexy she is. I know I'm after a banana right now.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

The fun is over guys

I am so depressed. Like, stick-your-head-in-the-oven depressed. I don't think this is at all fair given that I take anti-depressants despite not being 'clinically depressed'. Generally, I'm positvely jovial. As I should be on drugs.

It's probably simply because I've had a really nice 3 days of doing nothing except watching television, eating out, shopping and annoying the boy with my sheer laziness and inability to muster up the strength to attend a Frank Turner gig, and now I am faced with a weekend of A Level work due to not having any free time to work next week. I've managed to get work experience at Hodder and Stoughton. They publish the books of authors such as Jodie Picoult and Stephen King and I'm very privileged to have been offered a week working with them. However, as exciting as this may be I'm also shit-scared. Never having done a 9-5 in my life and never having worked more than a mile away from my own home, out of my comfort zone doesn't even begin to cover it. It will be an amazing experience though and with publishing being something I've always been interested in going into it will be massively educational for me. Wish me luck!

The down side of having, what felt like, a 3 day holiday with the boy meant I was much too blissfully content to even contemplate anxiety. So now it's hit me. And I suppose it's a bit of a shock. I'm alright, but I have spent most of today growling at my family whenever they have the AUDACITY to speak to me.

Finally on a lighter note, you know I told you how the boyfriend spends a lot of time on his phone even when he's blessed with my presence. Well here's some pictorial evidence...

Out for dinner. We're very good at conversation.

Back home.

Over a lunch of soup and a cheese dipper. Delish.

With a boots meal deal. Also delish.

Good morning, kiss for Claire? No, a little bit o' Twitter.

Not appreciating Cinnamon Square to it's full extent.

Then he got angry from all the photo taking.

Over and out.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

boyfriend and me

The boyfriend is visiting at the moment. He arrived yesterday (wednesday) at about 12. He told me he'd be here at 11. Standard. I was very excited to see him and I'm not sure why, I usually couldn't give a shit. But there you go. I was all giggly and embarrassed for a good hour. And then I returned to not really giving a shit.

We're around half way through our precious time together and I would estimate that Gareth (that's his name) (in case you were wondering) has spent 97% of this time, head down, transfixed, by either Twitter or an article about the love of his life, AFC Bournemouth on his phone. He is essentially, a twat.

To be fair to him though, if he's on his phone, I'm very happy to get mr bberry out and have a butchers on him. Very happy indeed. This is how you make a relationship work. Trust me. Don't communicate, unless it is by way of tweeting. I hope that in 10 years time we will still be sitting side by side in blissfull contentment. On our phones. Talking to you losers.

Must dash. I need to put the kettle on, we're going to watch 6 feet under. It's about dead people and I quite literally cannot say no to a boxset.

p.s. Boyfriend has a blog too. It's obviously not as good as mine. Pah! But why not humour him? He's got a really cute nose