Thursday, 10 November 2011

Thanks on Thursday - a Gareth Case edition

I am totally inspired by Sheena's November posts right now. Everyday she says a little something she's thankful for. For me, a classic 'the grass is always greener' girl, it's difficult and beneficial for me to be thankful in my everyday life. I'm reading a book at the moment which is reiterating this sentiment, plus I'm always inspired by my bestest friend Becca's thankful blog posts.

Today I am thankful for Gareth's new hair 'do.

Oh my. The FEVERISH ANTICIPATION. Twitter* was a'buzz.

We all know Gareth is into his barnet. He's into changing it, he's into rubbing things in it, he's into talking about it. He doesn't like you touching it though. He's had a fair few cuts in his time. Luckily I wasn't around for this one...

For your viewing pleasure, the many haircuts of Gareth Case:

I don't like change. So these changes aren't always well received on my part. In my humble opinion, bleach-blonde hair doesn't make you punk rock, it makes you a 15 year old girl, but there we go.

Bless his heart, he was super nervous to share a picture of his new 'do, deeming it 'the biggest mistake of his life'. But at 6pm this evening, after a day of harassing from his friends, a picture was uploaded.

HAHAHAHAHAHA. The fact that he is also currently in the midst of Movember makes it all the more pleasing.

He still looks cute. If very homosexual.

See @Brightom_ for more funnies.

ps. Sorry Gareth love, for this post.

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  1. Hahahah seriously laughed at all these pics {mostly at the polkadot dress one}, in a good way :)
    My husband just informed me yesterday what movember was haha

  2. Awhhh poor guy!! It's not bad though...although if I were him I wouldn't be thrilled to have you making fun ;) I like the polkadot dress too!