Monday, 12 September 2011


(from pinterest)

As I mentioned yesterday, this weekend has been KNACKERIN'. The flat got a complete spring clean, and it is looking very pretty. Did I tell you that Gareth and I bought a sofa together? We are officially sofa-married. It is super comfy and I have serious floral-cushion-related plans for it. I just hope and pray no one messes with our sofa baby (wine stains, cigarette holes, etc; all not acceptable). Or they will be sure to feel the wrath of Claire.

Tom and Claire, Gareth's ex-housemates, moved out this weekend and the news housemates moved in. I really wish I was moving in.

This weekend, more than anything, has given me itchy feet. Wandering round homeware stores, gazing at union jack door-mats and chunky coffee mugs, I wanted to buy everything, forgetting I don't technically live there and would only be using said purchases two weekends a month. I am feeling a little glum about life at the minute - it not being EXACTLY as I want it to be and all - and Brighton really does lift my spirits. That and Dexter, hobnobs, and a Gareth in bed. If only life could consist solely of those four things.

I'm just looking forward to moving on in my life. Doing something a bit different and a bit scary. Being happy and excited and making a few mistakes.

I'd like a cat too. A fluffy ball of fur that will sit on me, comforting and reassuring, whilst I watch TV.

Today was not a good day. I sweated it out in a hot bath tonight. It didn't last long before the pulsating in my brain became unbearable, though. Bad times.

Pinterest does not help my yearning for space. Here are some more pieces from my 'Home' inspiration board. This is what I'm aiming for. I assume it is not too much to ask.


  1. I am absolutely in love with those first two pictures. So beautiful!

    ~Ariel at

  2. I want all of those pictures to be my home...they're so gorgeous!

  3. I would drive all the way to Brighton to see a flat like this. It looks AMAZING!!! xx

  4. I have the space yearning issue too. Dreaming of the day when I can spend lots of money creating beautiful places in my home.... x

  5. um....YUM. i just sent a link to these pictures to my sister with some haphazard phrases typed in all was that kind of love.