Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Weekend (sort of)

(if someone fancied buying me a mini I'd be mighty grateful)

Not much to report. I partly wonder why I'm writing this.

One thing has happened of note though. I drove down to Brighton on Sunday for the first time. It was also the third time I had ever been on the motorway and to put it lightly, I was BRICKING IT. I'm surprised by how nervous I was given my natural arrogance but there we go. I hardly slept Saturday night, waking periodically with images of fireballs and horrendous pile-ups filtering through my brain. At 6am I got up, breakfasted and bid farewell to mother and father before cruising to the garage to fill up (water for me, petrol for Fiesta).

It was fine. Absolutely fine. Because I'd left so early the roads were pretty clear and it was easy as pie to change lanes whenever I felt like it. I also fell in love with the A23. It's the last bit of main road I travelled along and when going south, is slightly downhill and gives you the most amazing view of miles of countryside. With Capital (until it got crackly and I had to switch over to Radio1) blearing out of my stereo, the air-conditioning in my hair and 70-80 miles per hour (ooerr) it was really ace.

Also. I didn't get lost at all. Not even once I'd gotten into Brighton and my journeying wasn't solely; drive in a straight line. How good is that? And this is coming from someone who once got lost driving back from school with her older brother. A school she'd been going to for 4 years at the time. If that's not impressive well I don't know what is.

I had a nice time in Brighton. Every time I go I want to live there a little bit more. It's just so nice. And there's so much there on your doorstep. It's cool. And all the shops and restaurants and coffee shops are cool. Oh and the clothes shops that sell second hand clothes, they're not musty smelling granny clothes like in the charity shops round here, they're, like, nice clothes. Mental. Gareth took me for a Sunday roast at a pub down the road. Brave of me given that generally I don't eat in establishments I've never been to before (you may wonder how I ever started going anywhere, I honestly don't know either). But it was very nice. Some of the best roast potatoes I've ever eaten. Then we slept all afternoon and watched films in the evening. A good Sunday.

I'm home now and really need to get on with some work. These days I like to think of blogging as work but then realise who am I kidding. I'm not being paid for it. And I'm not getting a blogging grade at the end of the year. That would be great though wouldn't it?

Have a good Tuesday. I'm thoroughly looking forward to the new series of The Apprentice starting tonight.

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