Monday, 23 May 2011

A lifetime in 6 words

I'm reading a book. I am so inspired by this author.

I haven't finished the book yet, so this is not a review. I'm on page 178 and she has just mentioned something she read; this book. It was inspired by an Ernest Hemmingway line: "baby shoes: for sale, never worn". Hemmingway proved that an entire story could be told in six words. The point of the book was for writers, "famous and obscure", to do similarly. To write their life story in 6 words.

I've looked through the pages it shows on Amazon. And there's some pretty cool stuff there. I'm intrigued by other people. The very fact that these little quips are written by people about themselves makes them all the more interesting. There seems to be a mixture of funny and sad. That sounds about right to me.

"The psychic said I'd be richer"

"One long train ride to darkness"

"Fourteen years old, story still untold"

"Accidentally killed cat. Fear anything delicate"

"After Harvard, had baby with crackhead"

Natalie Taylor, the author of the autobiographical story I am reading at the moment, hasn't yet decided on her 6 word memoir. I am hoping to hear it by the end.

What are your 6 words? I'm having a think.

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